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Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity


Business Packages

Starter Package

  • 2 box Nutrinew Plus
  • Upgrade Time – 120 Days
  • PV- 65
  • NP-75

Builder Package

  • 8 box Nutrinew Plus
  • Upgrade Time – 240 Days
  • PV- 260
  • NP-300

Master Package

  • 26 box Nutrinew Plus
  • Upgrade Time – FREE Products Included
  • PV- 845
  • NP-972

*NP = Nutriwealth Point
*Price is inclusive of logistics costs and local tax


7 Ways to Earn Income


Direct Refferal Bonus – 35%


Binary Bonus – 15%


Matching – 15%


Group Sales Bonus – 50%


UNILEVEL Bonus – 52%


Leadership Rank & Incentives


Monthly Allowance



Country Agency

As part of our global expansion campaign, we welcome applications from serious Network marketers who wish to become our official partner in their country.

The Country Agency acts as the local office of the company in each country and is responsible for the day to day operations and legalisation of the business in his/her country. A well branded and spacious office for operations / training is a prerequisite.

Country Agency earns 10% of total sales in his / her country total sales.


Service Centre Operator

We are currently receiving applications from registered members who wish to participate as our Service Centre Operator. The individual must have an office / shop as well as a minimum product stock. The major role of service centre is product delivery to anyone who select their location as preferred choice for product pick up during his / her membership.

Service Centre Operator Benefits includes :

Product and Nutri Wealth point (NP) covering the Service Centre Operator initial capital is delivered to him.

5% of weekly sales generated by Service Centre Operator is paid to his member account.

Company management will plan Mega seminars with Service Centre Operator from time to time.

During the online registration of new members, the available Service Centre Operator in the location of new member is selected as the point of product pick up, thus creating automated sales for Service Centre Operator in addition to sales in his shop / office.

Live Well. Create Wealth.