Live Well. Create Wealth.

About Us

About Us

Our Vision

To be the best supplier of Nutritional supplements in Africa and globally while providing veritable tools and platform for the creation of wealth through our global network marketing business opportunity.

Our Mission

To create a global team of healthy and wealthy entrepreneurs who are determined to achieve more out of life by promoting our world-class quality health and wellness products.

Our Core Values




An “Everything is Possible” Mentality

Our Founders

MR. OMOTAYO Olaoluwa

MR. ADIGWE Nathaniel (CEO)

Our Management Team

Dr Adeosun Olawale MD, M.Phil.
(Director Of Research and Development)

Our Company Profile

Nutri Wealth Global is an international network marketing company established in 2020 that produces, markets and distributes food supplements, beverages and personal care products. Its head office is situated in Malaysia and the company aims at spreading rapidly to all parts of the world beginning with the African continent.

The company’s founders are experienced business men who began their entrepreneurship journey while still teenagers. They have jointly championed the expansion of network marketing start-ups in Africa and had achieved enviable positions in the industry. The company plans to facilitate its products’ global expansion by appointing country agencies who will be responsible for the set-up and operations of the company in their respective domains. Country agents have been appointed in Philippines, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. Country agents will appoint stockists who will partner with them in order to ease logistics‘ bottlenecks and to achieve a smooth and timely delivery of products across different parts of their country.

Why We Started Nutri Wealth Global

Our decision to start the NWG brand is borne out of our personal experiences in aggressively promoting a number of different network marketing companies over a period of about 15 years. As we interact with thousands of distributors, we noticed firsthand the frustrations experienced by many when the products they were promoting failed to give the desired positive impact on the health of their clients and they themselves eventually are unable to fully realize their dream of better health and financial freedom majorly due to constant changes and manipulations of the Compensation plan.

We then decided to build a new brand built on integrity, empathy, generosity and an “everything is possible mentality“. Our business approach is to bring these core values to bear in our everyday operations as we constantly innovate and provide Customers with products and a marketing system that really works to improve the overall health and wealth-being of everyone.

We believe that everyone can achieve their highest potential in network marketing and realize their dream of financial freedom if they strongly believe that they can succeed. In order to achieve our mission of raising the next generation of healthy and accomplished millionaires, we provide our distributors with ongoing personal and business development programs aimed at raising their self-consciousness and inspiring them to awaken the giant within. We strive to achieve this by creating a happy family where every member feels motivated and appreciated for their loyalty to our brand through our Leadership ranking and incentive programs.